Try these creative tips for more impact on your holiday tree this year!

# 1. “Cluster” ornaments that are similar in size with floral wire and secure
onto tree branch; repeat process in a triangular pattern on the tree. I generally
use 3 or 5 ornaments.

photo 6

# 2. Amp it up for the top of the tree with a generous amount of clustered
ornaments just under the tree topper.

photo 3

photo 5

# 3. Cut festive wired ribbon into 15″ pieces. I generally use 2 contrasting
ribbons; 1 solid and 1 patterned. Wrap a small piece of floral wire around the
center of ribbons. Dovetail ends with scissors; tuck into tree and secure. Manipulate
ribbon into branches. Tuck ribbon into places that may need “festive filler.”

photo 4

# 4. As a final touch, bring in refreshing pine scent with Scentsicles. Pine scented ornaments that hang on your tree.
They can be tucked into a wreath or into decorative accents for fresh winter pine aroma. They are available at
hardware stores.

photo 2

Happy Holidays!