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The warmer months draw us outdoors for fun in the sun where everything is in bloom with beautiful color. Why not make this the season to bring beautiful color indoors as well and freshen up your interior with paint? Adding wall color to your living space is the most cost-effective way to add impact to your home. Selecting the right paint finish for a space can be a daunting task; the following guidelines will help you make the right choice!

  • Flat Finish – Use on ceilings because it does not reflect light. This finish is not washable.
  • Matte – Lowest sheen finish that is washable. Not good for use in kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Satin – Sheen finish that is washable and moisture resistant. Good for all rooms, including kitchen and bath.
  • Semigloss – Glossy finish that is washable. Great for painting doors and trim molding.