It’s so easy to turn plain glass vases into pretty center pieces for a special occasion using craft paper.

This particular gray and yellow color scheme was made for a bridal shower.

You will need the following materials:

A few glass vases of various sizes – If you are like me, you may already have a small collection of saved vases from flower purchases. I also found a couple inexpensive vases at the dollar store.

Craft or scrap booking paper

Clear packing tape

Double sided tape

Paper cutter




First, decide how wide you want the strips of paper that will go around the width of the vase. For this particular project, I cut 3″ wide strips of gray craft paper with a paper cutter to get a straight edge. You may need to tape 2 strips together to get the paper to wrap all the way around the vase. Secure one end of the paper to the vase with clear packing tape. Secure the other end of the paper “band” with double sided tape so that no tape ends are showing. *Paper cutter is not shown.

Image 26

Then I cut 2″ strips of yellow pattern craft paper to go on top of the gray band.


For a final pop, I added a few strands of natural raffia ribbon on top of the paper bands and tied a bow.

Image 27

The only thing left to do is put fresh flowers in the vases and arrange them on the table … kitchen island … sideboard … or where ever a pretty dressed up vase is needed!