Do your window treatments need updating?

With all the choices and different options for window dressing,

it’s easy to get confused and frustrated with the whole process.

Before buying new panels, blinds or sheers, ask yourself the following 15 questions.

This is a good place to start, your answers will guide your decisions on how you want

a room to look and feel.

After all, window treatments make such a statement in any room!

1. Who uses the room?

2. What type of activities take place in this room?

3. What look and feel do you want to achieve – formal, casual, gathering room?

4. How much light control/privacy is needed?

5. Maintain the view or block out the sunlight?

6. Are you looking for solid curtain panels or contrast fabric curtain panels?

7. Functionality of the treatment – stationary panels or full use open/close or up/down shades?

8. Style of the treatment?

9. Board mount cornice or valances?

10. Decorative poles and finials?

11. Shades – Wood blinds, natural material, soft/fabric shades?

12. Trim on treatment – tassels, welt cord, fringe?

13. Panels or sheers?

14. Custom made or ready made?

15. Tie backs or no tie backs?